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Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 2 on Game and Player

Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 2

Jessica Johnson  //  August 20, 2009

A humorous tale about plundering, jealousy, and monkeys.


f there is one thing I have learned about playing a game distributed with episodic content, it's that I am rather impatient. When I heard that it was almost time for another chapter of everyone's favorite swashbuckling pirate, Guybrush Threepwood, I couldn't quell the excitement. Finally, my withdrawal pains would be at ease.

It is only chapter two, but it is full of suspense, intrigue and more plundering than you can shake a stick at! In terms of mechanics, nothing has really changed. The mouse control has not grown on me, but that option is still there for those who prefer it. My only real qualm is that the hint system isn't very hinty. Mind you, hints are not meant to give you the answer but lead you in the right direction. Towards the end I felt more confused than anything. "Explore!" my mighty pirate told me. That's a great hint in a game where all you do is explore. Arr!

Pox Begone: La Esponja Grande.
The rest of this game is filled with the same amusing humor and the Monkey Island ambiance that I came to adore in chapter one. However I found this iteration contained fewer witty conversation options and it felt easier than the first. This is my first episodic experience, and I recognize that sometimes the intermittent chapters will vary in pace from one another. It just makes me sad that I have to wait for more chapters because this story is getting very interesting.

With his Pyrite Parrot of Petaluma in tow, Guybrush sets sail to rescue his wife from LeChuck. Again. But when he arrives in the Jerk Bait Islands and finds her in the middle of a very tense situation, Guybrush is quite surprised. Elaine feels confident that she has control of the situation and she directs Guybrush to gather the artifacts needed to summon La Esponja Grande — the giant sea sponge that can absorb any evil voodoo curse and consequently save the world from the Pox of LeChuck.

Naturally this is not an easy task since an entire fleet of pirates is looking for the very same artifacts. Guybrush must outsmart and deceive in order to find each golden relic. As the day wears on, the other pirates grow more impatient. Can Guybrush find them all before an all out war begins?

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the game involves Guybrush helping an ally who is having trouble with a puzzle. Any time you approach them they say, satirically, "No, I must learn to do this the way you do it." It becomes even more ironically hilarious when you are asked to leave them be, only to return and see them talking themselves through the puzzle. "If I stick this in there, then it looks like a cow. Do I need a cow?"

Back in the day, a large area filled with words would sit separately from the playing field. There was a short list of actions: open, close, use, push, pull, look at, walk to, and give. First you would click one, such as "look at," and then select an object in the play area. And it is with this method that you are able to coach this friend of yours to solve the riddle.

The forest maze is something I expect will turn players off, based on reviews of chapter one. But really, it isn't a maze this time around. It is small and easy to navigate once you draw it out. And, if you want some helpful advice navigating it, just use a sticky note for each area. Then you will see how unlike rocket science it actually is.

This chapter adds a lot of fun and excitement to the story. Complete with a full-scale siege, as the name suggests, there are plenty of clever puzzles to chew on. There may even be a rather, dare I say, huge surprise at the end. And it has left me wondering about possible meanings behind this story. I think Telltale just likes to watch us squirm after finishing a chapter, leaving us wanting and waiting for the next hit. The scallywags!

Now if you will excuse me, I have a mug o'grog here and some secrets of a certain island of monkeys to work out.

Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 2



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July 7, 2009


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  • Puzzles are unique to this chapter
  • Better perspectives mean easier navigation


  • Hint system needs some work

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