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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Game and Player

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Jeremy Steeves  //  November 14, 2007

The best release the series has seen yet.


hese past few months have seen various titles score big with reviewers. Having this number of highly rated games at once is remarkable. Even more interesting is what many of these titles share. BioShock, Halo 3, The Orange Box — they're all first-person shooters. It is indeed impressive that developers can produce quality in a market that's been so saturated. With the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward had two more particular objectives that needed to be accomplished. They had to wash out the sour taste left in the mouths of many after playing Call of Duty 3, and they had to find success after leaving their comfortable World War II setting behind. It would be safe to say that COD 3 is a distant memory, and if fun is any measure of success, leaving Nazi Germany behind shouldn't be too hard.

Laser scope? Definitely not WWII.
I won't dive deep into the plot here — you can experience that for yourself. I will say though, that the move into a present day setting connects the player far more than any prior iteration, and though some may complain that the campaign is too short, the six hours it took me to complete were six of the most satisfying hours I've spent gaming in recent memory. Even if you do find the campaign brief, you still have the option to go back and play through things in arcade mode, which introduces a scoring system similar to the one found in Halo 3.

Let's talk mechanics. If you've played the Call of Duty series before you're not in for any real shockers. The levels of visuals are astounding, and coupled with first-class sound engineering you're practically on the front line. One addition is the ability to shoot through certain objects. If an enemy decides that taking cover behind a wooden barrel is the best course of action to remain alive, he will learn a final lesson. Though innovative might not be the word, this new aspect does keep players thinking. Call of Duty 4 makes full use of next-generation hardware, and in doing so, creates an experience so captivating that a campaign 20 hours long would still have players begging for more.

If one of the best-constructed single player modes isn't enough for you, COD4 packs an equally impressive multiplayer component. Launching with 16 maps, developers have provided users with plenty of content until the first package of downloadable maps become available. One of the biggest strengths surrounding the multiplayer aspect of Call of Duty is the fact that it delivers enough content to last players well into next year. This isn't only through providing a large number of maps and game types at launch, but also through the inventive style of combat Infinity Ward has offered.

Everything looks clean and polished —
what you'd expect from Infinity Ward.
For example, a five-kill spree allows the player to call in an air strike — bonuses like this place a certain value on staying alive. Winning a few matches will increase your rank, and as you continue to progress higher and higher, you will begin to unlock weapons, equipment, and perks that allow you to gain an edge over the competition. The latter are a unique addition to the series, like Sonic Boom, which increases the damage of explosives you use. The online portion of Call of Duty 4 should by itself bank you more than enough hours of gameplay for your money's worth.

All this puts Call of Duty 4 on the docket for game of the year. It's a complete and well-polished title that deserves a spot in the collection of anyone who enjoys a first person shooter. For everyone screaming "Halo-killer," don't expect Bungie's baby to lose its spot on top right away. But given the long life that its content promises, Call of Duty 4 should at least compete for the honor for many months to come.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare



Infinity Ward



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November 6, 2007


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  • Intense storytelling
  • Multiplayer longevity
  • Beautiful to the eyes and ears


  • Short campaign length

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