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One-Liner: Your Gaming Hoard on Game and Player

One-Liner: Your Gaming Hoard

Ed Kirchgessner  //  January 18, 2011

Just how large is your gaming collection?


've been doing a lot of moving over the past couple of days — following some water damage, I'm having new carpeting installed in my apartment and have to clear all my stuff out of the affected rooms. One thing that shocked me was how long it took me to move my media collection. After about an hour of back-and-forth, I'd moved all my old video games and DVDs to my storage space. I don't really know why I've held onto so many old games — only a handful are kept for sentimental value. Of course, since I'm too lazy to sell them myself and adamantly against GameStop's trade-in values, it looks like they're all here to stay.

How about you? Does your game shelf make you look like a hoarder, or do you frequently trade or sell games to make way for new additions to your collection?

Michael Ubaldi // January 18, 2011 // 10:33 AM

My concern isn't room so much as my allergy for perceived gluttony. I don't like hoards — especially those that lie undisturbed and unused. Since video games aren't always easy sales — terms of use and physical restraints sometimes preclude it, and console titles depreciate rapidly — I end up keeping games with which I would have happily parted.

My answer to that is discriminating purchases.

Ed Kirchgessner // January 18, 2011 // 12:50 PM

So what you're saying, Mike, is that you're not a "collector". Of anything.

Michael Ubaldi // January 18, 2011 // 3:43 PM

Do broken hearts count?

Adam K. Bogert // January 18, 2011 // 4:00 PM


Ed, I'm in pretty much the same position as you. I have a lot of games that I wouldn't be able to move if I tried (and I've tried). Games Gamestop wouldn't even buy if I weren't morally opposed to secondhand sales. Since the alternative is literally trashing them, they stay, much to my chagrin. It seems you've hit upon a sort of phenomenon.

QuizMaster // January 20, 2011 // 11:24 PM

I'm fortunate enough to have a place where I can trade in games for actual paper money (that is to say, not for insulting pennies), and yet games are fairly inexpensive.
I've kept every game I purchased before I discovered this place; I am more willing to part with games from this place. Has this place I speak of cheapened games for me? Let's just say... it's made them more reasonably priced.
So really, your problem is Gamestop.

Anthony // January 22, 2011 // 4:26 PM

This would beg the opportunuistic question: Why not create a game trade system with others that you know have the same system, and games they no longer play at all. That prevents the horrid thought of resale for pittance, and prevents perfectly fine, albeit older games, from being sent to the trash heap.

QuizMaster // January 25, 2011 // 12:17 AM

No, yeah, you're absolutely right. Sometimes when there is a game that I know I am DONE with, and I know I'll get zilch for, and just give it to them.
I think the first game I did that with was Star Fox Adventures on the Gamecube. It was kind of a short game, which delivered nothing in terms of replay value. I didn't get my money's worth for that game until two friends also played through my copy.

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