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Retail Roundup: January 7, 2010 on Game and Player

Retail Roundup: January 7, 2010

Ed Kirchgessner  //  January 7, 2010

Zombies: now with fewer pixels.


ake a buxom blonde, strap guns to her ankles and what do you get? Besides a license to print money, Sega's Bayonetta. This action game is one part Devil May Cry, one part Ninja Gaiden and four parts 'something completely different.' It releases this week for Xbox and PS3.

Have you ever dreamed of being one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Neither have I, but that didn't stop the folks at Vigil Games from conjuring up a simulation. Darksiders features a gnarly looking dude who fires at enemies from horseback – think Zelda, but with an 'M' rating. It's out now for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

While not really a retail release (it's free, after all) Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead is definitely worth talking about. This downloadable PC title is a "de-make" of the first-person shooter by the same name. Presented in an 8-bit style, it's got a whole lotta' charm. Pair up with a friend and get ready to shoot some zombies.

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