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StickWars on Game and Player


Rich Johnson  //  May 12, 2009

None shall pass.


any lives were lost over hundreds of years building, maintaining, protecting and besieging the Great Wall of China. It's a profound story with an ever-changing list of leading characters. How exactly then did StickWars developer John Hartzog manage to parallel such an epic struggle within the confines of an iPhone application? The answer is simple. Stick figures; lots and lots of stick figures. The Ming Dynasty would be so proud.

While not exactly a Great Wall simulator, it most definitely brings to mind that sort of environment. The goal of StickWars is to defend a wall from hordes of invading stick men. At the start of the war your methods of defense are not immediately clear, especially for those whom ignore instructions in favor of winging it, like myself. Once acclimated to, these defensive tactics leave you with no choice but to let out a menacing laugh. You flick the attacking mobs of stick enemies as you might a bug on your shoulder. With each swipe of your finger, stick attackers are sent flying into the air where they fall victim to the confines of gravity, landing with an empowering splat!

After a few short levels to familiarize yourself with the controls, more strategic defensive options open up. Tactics range from archers and wizards to lone suicide stick-bombers. Troops are replenished by dropping attackers into jails where they are converted to fight for your side. These elements of gameplay remind one of very basic concepts exhibited within your average tower-defense titles. Maximum usage of these abilities will have you shaking, flicking poking your iPhone at an incredible pace. Perhaps not the best game to play in any type of public setting unless disturbing strangers is another hobby of yours.

iPhone mechanics are used with incredible versatility, though strategy is trumped by speed. Moving through the levels never offers more than a faster flow of enemies to defeat. At a cost of under a dollar, it's difficult to complain about the details. Games are supposed to be fun and StickWars is immediately fun. Once every game mechanic becomes usable, the fun begins to fade away. Moving beyond this point only strains your fingers and your patience.

John Hartzog // December 5, 2009 // 12:26 PM

This one of the more enjoyable reviews I've read of my game. I'll post a link to here on my site. Glad you enjoy the game!

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John Hartzog


John Hartzog

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March 31, 2009


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  • Smooth functionality
  • The price is right


  • Only fun for a short while
  • Embarassing in public settings
  • Would be safer with a wrist strap

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