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Flight Control on Game and Player

Flight Control

Rich Johnson  //  May 12, 2009

Breaker one-niner.


ave you ever wondered why air traffic control is considered such a stressful career choice? Download this ninety-nine-cent game and you will have your answer. However, I will accept no blame when you become hopelessly addicted.

The perfect example of a dollar well-spent on the iTunes Application Store, Flight Control will have you perpetually tracing flight paths, judging aircraft speeds and landing order. At peak traffic levels the game is truly organized chaos. Depth is not its strong-suit; gameplay is very much one-dimensional. The replay value comes from the never-ending struggle to one-up your high score for addition to the online leader board.

Touch-screen mechanics are incredibly responsive within Flight Control. Every move is recognized with precision, leaving little room for complaint. It's conceivable to imagine complaints of blocked view from required screen-touching. However, I am currently debating the proper establishment worthy of blame: Firemint Studios; Apple; or my father's genetic gift, the cause of these pudgy fingers.

Flight Control






NA Release

March 1, 2009


Play Mode

ESRB Rating

In Favor

  • Perfect time-waster
  • Perfect controls
  • Addictive


  • Touch-screen usage may limit screen view

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