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Hello, Space

Heather Richtmyre  //  May 25, 2010

Venturing forth in EVE Online.


veryone assumes I'm new at EVE Online. And while this is accurate, I am unused to it, since in multiplayer games I am usually presumed to be competent enough to not require any sort of explanation unless proven otherwise. The dearth of players leveling a second or third character seems to be why I am considered inexperienced rather than having already completed content on another character.

The acknowledgment that I am new at the game invites others to take advantage. And while I've encountered a few who seem quite content to blast new players into small fragments of metal or direct them towards the most dangerous sectors, most I've encountered will provided detailed and helpful instructions, even without being prompted.

Complexity's double-edge: there are plenty of opportunities for having no idea where to proceed to next.
These instructions may be a result of EVE's infamous difficulty curve, where even having completed numerous tutorials over several weeks barely covers many needed skills. Asking for and receiving help seem to validate the perception of EVE as difficult, which does appeal to a certain audience. The few comments I've seen that characterized EVE's complexity as excessive have been met with derision.

But it is complex. Evaluating one item will require me to consider things like how much power and CPU it requires, compare the potential benefits, and check to see what skills are required. Learning the skill for Battlecruisers, for instance, led me to realize that I could not pilot any such ships until I'd also trained several other skills. There are numerous lengthy menus, most containing sub-menus, large quantities of skills, and opportunities for having no idea where to proceed to next.

This will take me a while to learn, and it seems that patience will be a more important skill than even my learning ones. But, seeing my little Destroyer tear through a half dozen drones in a lovely sector of space is proving quite enjoyable.

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