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DDO Update 4: Sentinels of Stormreach on Game and Player

DDO Update 4: Sentinels of Stormreach

Heather Richtmyre  //  April 27, 2010

Not too serious — but clever and enjoyable.


iven how visible and popular both zombies and pirates are, combining both concepts has guaranteed appeal. And this combination is the core idea behind the new adventure pack in Dungeons and Dragons Online's latest update, Sentinels. The five quests in this update focus on the conflict between the Dragonmarked House Deneith — whose possession of the Mark of Sentinel has led to its standing as a premier source of mercenaries and bodyguards — and the pirates of the Blood Tide.

The first of the new quests I engaged in is The Black Loch, a relatively simple dungeon focused on discovering and eliminating the zombie forces of the Blood Tide. It is a personal favorite among the new quests, both for the commentary given by the zombie pirates on their condition — "My muscles are mildewed" — and for the visual spectacle of a room filled with chests and piles of gold. Details even extend to the nationality of the necromancers involved in the creation of the undead and the "RAINS! RAINS!" cry of their failed experiments.

The Black Loch features the visual spectacle of a room filled with chests and piles of gold.
In contrast, I found the most complex of the dungeons, which centered around rooting out Blood Tide spies in the sewers, also the most frustrating. Multi-level areas with such furnishings as electric floors, pipes with steam shooting out of them that provide a method of propulsion, and of course some painful traps, offered many chances for my party to get lost and confused.

Of the other three quests, which provided objectives ranging from destroying a section of the black market being supplied by the Blood Tide, assaulting an island base, and finally facing down the presumed leader of the pirates, all were enjoyable. Traps, airships, and the surprising, amusing final twist were especial highlights among these quests.

While the Sentinels pack is hardly the most serious excursion into Eberron, I found it both clever and enjoyable, and the moments of confusion did not diminish this too much.

Eddie Carrington (aka Brigwyn) // May 2, 2010 // 12:34 AM

Interesting review.

I'll admit it when I heard about the new expansion had Pirates and Zombies I GOL'd (Groaned Out Loud).

Really? We couldn't just have one, but we needed to have both? *sigh*

But reading this review I'm willing to give it a try now even if the schtick seems a bit.. Schticky.. :P

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