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Critical Strikes from Bug Swarms on Game and Player

Critical Strikes from Bug Swarms

Heather Richtmyre  //  August 14, 2009

Hello, Exterminator?


ne thing I have noticed a great deal lately in World of Warcraft is bugs. No, not the buzzing multitudes of Silithus, but the kind that gets wedged somewhere between the system files and your WoW cache and starts an aphid farm while it's there.

First off, Blizzard's series on frequently asked questions about classes arrived at the rogue.

To quote: "No, Vanish isn't working properly and breaks when you breathe on the rogue funny." Now, this caused quite a bit of excitement on the rogue community of the official forums. Quite simply, vanish has been considered broken since before I started playing. That's certainly over a year of a core ability not functioning properly, and this, to the best of my knowledge, is Blizzard's first acknowledgment of it. I'd consider that slightly slow on the response time, especially if it takes them half as long to respond to the problem as it took to admit its existence.

Second, there's all the particular fun associated with the new 3.2 patch. Now, trying to test out a new patch, implement it, and then have several million people try to figure out a new way to break it hardly sounds like a simple task. And these issues tend to be responded to quickly, at least the ones that interfere basic functionality. Some of the patch issues seem to be fixed already, while others don't seem quite as repaired as they're said to be. Say, the Flame Leviathan fight in Ulduar.

There are also older bugs I've run into this week, such as errors with the spawning of mobs during the Gothik the Harvester fight.

Player-created content often compensates for developers' oversights.And then there are add-ons. I've always found it interesting how some games can use player-created content to compensate for oversights or shortcomings in the game. Whether it's a distressing mix-up with my Oblivion character's face, or how troublesome WoW's base user interface can be for healers, add-ons and modifications can fix the things the game designers never got around to. Oftentimes, because others have fixed this, the company never will. See the unofficial patches for Morrowind. In some cases, Blizzard has added some of the functionality of these into their base game, from making totems easier to set up and adding an in-game threat meter; yet there are many things that players use and even require these add-ons for.

One reason for noticing the flaws of a new patch is how it tends to break add-ons. Now there are not only new errors, but the flaws of the base system are exposed, causing additional frustration.

Now, back to finding yet another new version of Deadly Boss Mods.

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