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The Basic Rule of Melee on Game and Player

The Basic Rule of Melee

Heather Richtmyre  //  July 14, 2009

A lighter side to intimate damage-dealing.


o, you rolled a paladin or a warrior or shaman, or a rogue in World of Warcraft. Then you leveled them to 80 and decided you wanted to fulfill the friendly beat-things-to-death-at-close-range role.

There is one simple thing you will need to master to start doing so. This is especially true for rogues, and thus I have set aside extra happy cake for such. Yes, I do bring cake to raids.

It is the ability to run away from bad things, often screaming incoherently. Being able to do this and not hold down your push-to-talk button is also a plus.

Now, you may not have encountered this while leveling. Thus, your screaming when you are first hit by a whirlwind in, say, Utgarde Pinnacle, will be particularly authentic. Any encounter that involves circles of something nasty on the ground should also elicit this reaction, along with Freya's trash packs.

Of course, there were also sufficient examples of this during the Burning Crusade. Everything from the wonderful demons summoned by one of the final bosses of Karazhan, which induced much "one health and where is the safe spot between the things spewing out massive flames?" to my first run-in with the trash of Tempest Keep: The Eye. Yes, please have the mages crowd-control this pull; I'll be off hiding in the corner and getting knocked back into it until bones start breaking.

The lonely prots' club:
what's missing from this picture?
And, of course, Leotheras the Blind. I am still uncertain whether he meant to tear my spine out in a fashion that sent it skittering halfway across the room, to be picked up by the hunter auto-attacking everything in sight. Perhaps it is merely his blindness that caused such, though I still have to ask why he makes me fight my inner demons on the first date. No matter what is with him, the thought of my spine ending up as a rather gruesome trophy on a vendor's wall is still disturbing.

Now, if only I had a sufficient health pool to overcome the last vestiges of my frustration with Dark Touched Warriors. And people wonder why I won't bring my shaman in as enhancement for Naxxramas.

If you will excuse me, I need to practice my screaming technique for my weekly Ulduar runs. For screaming, the most difficult part seems to be finding someone willing to assist you with practice. As strong windows may be necessary for this, many people are automatically exempted.

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