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Nathan Riley's Archive on Game and Player

Articles by Nathan Riley

The Ebb and Flow

Nathan Riley
// September 6, 2010

This year, it's been hard to be a gamer.

The Itinerant Gamer

Nathan Riley
// August 24, 2010

More developers need to fill the worlds they make.

Selling the Game

Nathan Riley
// August 16, 2010

Why we should give gaming its dues.

In Which We Face Monsters

Nathan Riley
// July 27, 2010

On the value of horror.

A Matter of Victory

Nathan Riley
// July 13, 2010

Is all that effort for virtual achievement worth it?

Zen and the Art of Gaming

Nathan Riley
// June 21, 2010

The legitimacy of video games as stress relievers.

For Old Time's Sake

Nathan Riley
// June 7, 2010

Is nostalgia our link to the past or a chain around our ankle?

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