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Design and Technological Order

Patrick Woods
// January 16, 2009

A trial-and-error approach only makes sense when we know we do not know enough about the problem.


Stocking Stuffers

Patrick Woods
// December 22, 2008

On Nintendo, cybersecurity and rights management.


It's Evolution, Baby

Patrick Woods
// November 21, 2008

Are we hardwired to behave in instinctual, contradictory ways?


Second Life's Second Lesson

Patrick Woods
// October 20, 2008

We must examine the anatomy of bank runs and seizures of credit markets.


Can We Handle Our Own Progress?

Patrick Woods
// September 17, 2008

Disseminating information with no regard for the costs of the producer? Welcome to the internet.


War's New Frontier

Patrick Woods
// August 18, 2008

A network's cardiac arrest can be fatal; we need to attempt to count the value of a networked life.


Form, Function, and the New Gaming Demographic

Patrick Woods
// July 18, 2008

E3 presentations from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo make for very encouraging news for all gamers.


Nintendo's Technological Reminder

Patrick Woods
// June 23, 2008

Nintendo has reminded us that the most important component of any technology is its interface with humanity.


Chickens and Eggs, Leaders and Environments

Patrick Woods
// May 16, 2008

Has anyone with MMORPG experience become a leader, independently of a friendly environment, when they otherwise would not have?


Speed Limits and Private Racetracks

Patrick Woods
// April 11, 2008

Telecoms: susceptible to an equilibrium of natural monopoly?


A Marketplace's Failure

Patrick Woods
// March 14, 2008

Ochlocracy rhymes with democracy. Similarities break down there.


Disconnected Connectivity?

Patrick Woods
// February 15, 2008

Hello, Virtual Banker. How does a 60% return on investment sound?

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