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Halo Launch?

Michael Belanger
// September 29, 2009

I attended the release "party" earlier this week. No line, no costumes, no Red Bull trucks.


MechaCon IV

Michael Belanger
// August 4, 2008

Journalism-marketing, soft lumens of the Hilton Lafayette, and the peculiar beauty of theatrical, artisan youth.


Bono Vox

Michael Belanger
// February 13, 2008

The coil in front of the voice behind the character.


Faces of Gaming: Part 2 of 2

Michael Belanger
// February 6, 2008

She didn't need to say a word.


Faces of Gaming: Part 1 of 2

Michael Belanger
// January 30, 2008

A headset tells only half of the story.


In Nine Thousand Words or Less

Michael Belanger
// January 16, 2008

Is it alive? What would it do if it were?


Halo Zero Hour

Michael Belanger
// October 14, 2007

Game and Player contributor Michael Belanger attended a midnight opening for Halo 3."

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