One-Liner: Birds of a Feather

BY Heather Richtmyre  //  March 3, 2011

How has the social side of gaming impacted you?


've met a lot of friends through video games, mostly through online multiplayer and massively multiplayer venues. Therefore, I always find it rather odd to encounter complaints about the supposed negative impact of such games on social behavior. Part of this can be attributed to the framing of communication dependent on technology as degrading to true interaction. And while so-called valid interactions tend to be framed as those occurring face-to-face, I've never encountered the same concerns for contact carried out primarily through more archaic methods such as letters.

Overall, I've found that the numerous methods technology and video games have offered me for social behavior to be much more of a positive experience than otherwise. Perhaps my experience is the exception, but it still seems odd that relationships involving physical meet-ups, exchanging of gifts for special occasions, occasional obligations, and thorough discussions of family, work, and hobby matters are dismissed as illegitimate.

So, how has the social side of gaming impacted you?

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