An Incursion, You Say?

BY Heather Richtmyre  //  September 29, 2010

Mulling over the latest in EVE Online and DDO.


he next EVE Online expansion will be called Incursion. While I will admit to some desire to refer to it as (not)Incarna, given the numerous delays related to that aspect of EVE, Incursion seems an appropriate title for an expansion focusing on the invasion of the cybernetic horrors of Sansha's Nation.

With the inclusion of improvements and changes suggested by the player-comprised Council of Stellar Management, Incursion frames the CSM as much more effective than many seem to have previously believed. While the fix most currently relevant to me would be ensuring that the graphic for the Catalyst destroyer does not involve the model occasionally separating, this is by no means the most important issue.

Additionally, the introduction of a vessel truly dedicated to salvaging, the Noctis, will provide more options for a quite useful role, a role that I currently see filled largely by a destroyer with the associated cargo space limitations.

In other news, developer CCP finally provided some information about their upcoming game set in White Wolf's World of Darkness. I hope that some form of higher-quality trailer or gameplay video will be available soon — though given how little data has been provided so far, such may be overly optimistic.

Dungeons and Dragons Online has also released some notes on their upcoming Update 7. The inclusion of a level six raid is rather surprising to me, though DDO's raids are admittedly not just for maximum level characters. The half-elf and half-orc races will finally be available as well, though the half-elves appear to be lacking access to the dragonmark of House Medani.

Auction house improvements, particularly the search function changes, should greatly improve that feature's usefulness. Perhaps I can now obtain a somewhat accurate idea of an item's worth before attempting to sell it.

Developer Turbine's notes also include a long collection of tweaks and bugfixes, which are invariably welcome and sometimes amusing. While I hope to experience the new content on the Lamannia server before it is officially released, I'm still having difficulty trying to transfer characters over for testing.

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