One-Liner: Should the Lines be Blurred?

BY Jace Proctor  //  April 11, 2010

Think carefully about whatever you just turned on.


odern gaming devices are constantly challenging the traditional definition of "game console." The 360 doubles as a media extender, the PlayStation 3 ushered in 1080p HD, and the Nintendo Wii is helping us lose weight.

Meanwhile, smartphones like the Droid and iPhone and devices like the iPad are allowing video games to reach people, places, and times that we never thought possible, blurring the lines between telephone, computer, and game device.

In the future, it seems like the boundaries that separate these devices are going to crumble and eventually disappear. Is this a good thing? Do you want the device that you play games on also responsible for your e-mail or television? Do you want to make phone calls on the same thing that you catch Pokémon on?

Does the integration of video games into other devices — and vice-versa — excite or disappoint you?

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