A Boy and His Blob

BY Alexandr Beran  //  October 19, 2009

My blob and me.


y blob is from outer space, and he can change into all sorts of things. My favorites are the parachute and the jack. Mrs. Flanders told me to write about the adventures I had with my blob over the summer. She is a witch.

It all started near my treehouse in the woods. A ship crashed into the ground making a giant hole. Out jumped a white, pear-shaped blob with beady eyes. We became best friends in, like, two seconds.

Each flavor of bean turns my blob into something new.
My treehouse has lots of space for the cool things me and my blob find. I have a big jar of jellybeans next to where I sleep, and it fell over once and spilled. That's how I discovered my blob's secret powers. When he eats a tangerine bean, he turns into a trampoline. And each flavor turns him into something new. I want to bring him to class. Everyone will see that my blob really is the coolest. Even he can put a smile on Mrs. Flanders's angry lizard-face.

There are lots of sweet animals out in the forest, like frogs, fireflies, snails, and spooky bats. There's way more than that, and they're all hand-drawn just like me and my blob. But there are mean things in the forest, too. They have yellow eyes with black, slimy bodies, and I died a few times running into them. When that happens, my blob turns grey and sad because his secret powers could have protected me. But our world's awesome checkpoint system brings me back every time. Coming back is cool and all, but when Mrs. Flanders dies, I hope she stays gone.

There are sweet animals in the forest. But there are mean things, too.
I love traveling around with my blob. I've even been to the city with him. We found dinosaur bones under a subway station, and I took them back home and put them together while my parents were asleep. My blob was bouncing all around, so I told him to calm down by pressing down on the d-pad. He did, so I hugged him by pressing up on the d-pad. Nobody told me I could do that. I figured it out by myself.

Me and my blob really understand each other. I hope he can take me back to his home planet one day. I hear monsters scarier than Mrs. Flanders horned spider babies live there. I'm brave, so I know I can fight them. I want to help all of the blobs just like my blob has helped me.

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