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About Game and Player

Game and Player is an online magazine dedicated to the pastime and culture of video gaming. We deliver sound editorial to sensible, literate gamers whose careers leave precious time for play. With analysis and commentary, Game and Player distinguishes the most worthwhile gaming pursuits and recommends the finest ways in which to enjoy them.


(Michael Ubaldi // Editor-in-Chief), a copywriter, has plied trades in keeping with a melange of talents and interests — gallery ward, pizzamaker, coffee-slinger, marketer, graphic designer, recordist, draftsman, civil service commissioner. He considers invention before style, competence before appeal.

(Ed Kirchgessner // Managing Editor) has been playing games since the dreaded Atari Crash of 1983. If those early titles and later works by Japanese greats like Fumito Ueda and Tetsuya Mizuguchi have taught him anything, it's that in the world of videogames, actions speak louder than words.

(Jessica Johnson // Associate Editor) is many things: aspiring teacher, physicist, arachnophobe, but most notably a gamer. Her love of video games began at the age of seven when she won the esteemed NES. Over time she has come to appreciate games that pull their numerous parts together to provide an all-around enjoyable experience.

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(Gary Armstrong) A lifelong devotee to any form of distraction, UK-based Gary loves film, music, comics, and of course video games. Pacing excitedly before the opening of Tokyo's Square Enix store cemented Gary's suspicions that he indeed has a serious problem — a problem carried over to his personal life, where he continuously discusses video games with friends, family members, or any random passerby.

(Michael Belanger)'s love for games has only been matched by his infatuation with science and photography, both of which have become staples in his professional life as a tropical meteorologist. A sucker for nostalgia, Michael waits patiently for the great arcade revival — which he is sure will come.

(Alexandr Beran) worked as a game tester for four years and left that glorious life to become a musician. But after the opera in his soul went silent, his one true love could be heard calling again. Alexandr plays games in every genre, and those years of dreadful testing carry over into renewed fears of greasy controllers and game-debilitating bugs.

(Curtis Mettler) has maintained a lifelong love of adventure and community, both in the world around him, and the worlds to be found in books, movies and video games. He takes great pleasure in the deep storylines, intense experiences, and a close-knit group of friends with which to share them.

(Joseph G. Powell) When he's not revisiting classic RPGs or playing the latest and greatest for PS3, Joseph Powell is busy being a father, student, electronic musician, computer programmer, and video store clerk.

(Jace Proctor) has been an avid gamer ever since his mom used her tip money to buy him an NES in 1989. He has owned every major iteration of Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft console. When not playing video games he works on getting a philosophy degree from his local university, archery, screenwriting, and tabletop gaming.

(Jeremy Steeves) has an interest in games of all genres, platforms, and budgets. As much as he would love to be able to create his own masterpiece, he hasn't gotten the Starcraft Campaign Editor down pat quite yet. Regardless, he still pulls for the little guys to carry on his dream.

(Matthew Theroux) resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. A recent graduate of the University of Alberta with a bachelor of arts, he has been playing video games since the age of three, exploring and enjoying all genres.

(Jarred White) has enjoyed PC and console games for nearly two decades. An information security specialist and public speaker by profession, Jarred spends his free time gaming, writing, and plotting to enslave humanity. He also loves board games, paper-and-pencil RPGs, and is a lifelong LSU football fan. Jarred lives and works in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his fiancé and three mutant dogs.

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