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G&P Podcast: Compromised on Game and Player

G&P Podcast: Compromised

The Editors  //  May 2, 2011

The PlayStation Network break-in, Portal 2, and Project Cafe.


s Sony and a world of PlayStation 3 owners reel from a thoroughgoing assault on private property, what's in store for online gaming and electronic transactions? Is Portal 2 all that it's made out to be? And where does Nintendo's "Project Cafe," the presumptive successor to the Wii, take The Big Three? Michael Ubaldi, Ed Kirchgessner and James Day discuss.

Music is "Fever" by Helix Eternal.

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Joseph Powell // May 3, 2011 // 3:00 AM

Just to clarify on the download titles: unless they require an online connection (some do, some don't...something about trophy sync?) they are completely playable offline.

Also, I wish Sony would figure out whether the credit card data was actually stolen or not. I have been checking my account and there hasn't been any activity out of the ordinary.

I know one thing for sure, I will not be using my card for transactions over PSN anymore. I'll buy PSN cards at the store :P

James Day // May 4, 2011 // 12:55 PM

Thanks for clarifying that. I suspected that to be the case since Sony don't promote moving gamer profiles and content between consoles as much as Microsoft.

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