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G&P Podcast: Sure Is Peaceful Up Here on Game and Player

G&P Podcast: Sure Is Peaceful Up Here

The Editors  //  March 22, 2011

Trouble in Azeroth, MMO communication, and Brink.


arketing aside, has the earth begun to shift underneath World of Warcraft? When MMO players speak, how do developers listen? And what does Brink tell us about innovation in first-person shooters? Michael Ubaldi, Heather Richtmyre and Ed Kirchgessner discuss.

Music is "Fever" by Helix Eternal.

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Download the podcast (mp3 | 51:32 | 47.1MB | 128kbps).

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James Day // March 26, 2011 // 12:42 PM

I was hesitant to tune in when I saw that two out of the three topics were MMO-related but you guys did a great job. Some great points were made and you kept to broad, meaningful concepts.

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