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G&P Podcast: Meow on Game and Player

G&P Podcast: Meow

The Editors  //  November 2, 2010

Pioneering new and exciting vocalizations.


t wasn't a one-off after all! Michael Ubaldi, Ed Kirchgessner, Jessica Johnson, James Day, Heather Richtmyre and Wes Shockley discuss the Supreme Court's imminent hearing of California's video game law, Halo Reach's Legendary campaign mode, Super Meat Boy, BlizzCon, Fable III, World of Warcraft, and more.

Music is "Fever" by Helix Eternal.

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Download the podcast (mp3 | 57:54 | 54.2MB | 128kbps).

Adam K. Bogert // November 2, 2010 // 11:11 AM

I quite enjoyed listening to this--I daresay quality has skyrocketed since our experiment a few months ago.

Jessica Johnson // November 2, 2010 // 5:12 PM

I blame Mike's amazing voice talent. :P

shockmanronin // November 2, 2010 // 6:50 PM

Ah yes. Mike and his radio voice. Perhaps a career in radio in the future. If not how about audio books ? :)

Michael Ubaldi // November 3, 2010 // 11:35 AM

Aww — you guys did a fine job, too!

Matt Mosely // November 3, 2010 // 3:16 PM

Nice podcasts everyone!

Jame Day // November 4, 2010 // 6:43 PM

I apologise for my speech being extra jumbled in the Fable III segment. I'm just so conflicted with it that I can't get my thoughts straight, even now.

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