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Planet Minigolf: Stronghold Island on Game and Player

Planet Minigolf: Stronghold Island

Joseph G. Powell  //  October 6, 2010

Certainly recommended for enthusiasts of the game.


en Studios brings a whole new experience to the already beloved Planet Minigolf with the new Stronghold Island expansion. This add-on pack includes 36 new holes spanning four tournaments, new tiles for the level editor, and four new trophies. Alongside the download is a new patch enabling PlayStation Move controls.

Everything I enjoyed about the original release comes back in full force. I'm particularly fond of the new location because of its castle-themed graphics. You'll play through courses surrounded by towers and stone walls while putting through obstacles such as serpents, draw bridges, chess pieces, and iron gates.

In the original release, the difficulty of tournaments could be a bit jarring. Par requirements were strict and if you wanted to try again sometime in the middle of the tournament, you had to start completely over. With Stronghold Island, the difficulty is patched so it's a little less strenuous and holes can be restarted individually, although the tournament courses are still frustrating at times.

The controls have been tweaked a little and are more precise, but still have some of the same problems. Unfortunately I don't own PlayStation Move, so I cannot give any opinion on the motion controls.

This download is certainly recommended for enthusiasts of the game. The added tiles for the level editor and the improved gameplay definitely make it worth the cost.

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