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Zen Pinball: Mars on Game and Player

Zen Pinball: Mars

Joseph G. Powell  //  August 23, 2010

Worth the download.


en Studios' Zen Pinball has already been established as a fun and authentic pinball experience for the PlayStation 3. The graphics are vivid, the controls are spot-on, and it has a knack for keeping you plastered to the screen in pursuit of the elusive high score.

Instead of releasing sequels, Zen Studios has been going a more economical route in releasing extra tables for individual download. I got the chance to play the recently added Mars table.

Having not played the original game before, I took some time with the stocked tables to learn the game mechanics and controls. Once I got the hang of everything I took a dive into the Mars table. It's quite a unique experience compared to the other machines. It still has all the basic things you'd expect to find in a pinball machine: bonuses, events, unlockables, and multipliers.

The aesthetic of the table is nice. One crazy thing about Mars compared with others is the anti-gravity mode that happens when you meet certain criteria and open up the jackpot. I'm not the greatest pinball player in the world, so there may still be other surprises in store, but I can definitely say it's a lot of fun and worth the download for Zen Pinball enthusiasts out there.

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