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One-Liner: Arcadia on Game and Player

One-Liner: Arcadia

Joseph G. Powell  //  May 17, 2010

What's technology to you?


he internet was down for a while this weekend, so I thought I'd go outside.

I'll admit it: a lot of my life revolves around technology and media. Video games, the internet, social networking, cell phones, movies, music, and anything else in between. I don't get outside much even though I could really use the exercise or just a breath of fresh air once in a while. Without all of my gadgets and whatnot, I just don't feel right, though. I'd probably go through withdrawal if I didn't have my cell phone for a day.

Where would you be without the technology in your daily lives?

Jessica Johnson // May 17, 2010 // 10:09 AM

I've always enjoyed a balance between nature and technology. When I come home, depending on my mood, I will either sit on the computer and chat or go sit on my patio and admire the local flora.

If I could tan rather than burn I might find myself outside more often, but as it stands I generally hide from the day star.

Michael Ubaldi // May 17, 2010 // 10:14 AM

During the last week of April, I brought my computer to a recording site and left it there overnight — so for two full days, I didn't check e-mail or browse the web for so much as weather reports. Once it was out of sight it was out of mind; and although I had to return for obligations, responsibilities and relationships I value, I enjoyed the quiet.

The lesson learned is that moderation pays.

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