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G&P @ PAX East: Breach and Monday Night Combat on Game and Player

G&P @ PAX East: Breach and Monday Night Combat

The Editors  //  April 1, 2010

Video footage of demos for two upcoming games.


hile walking the Exhibitor Hall at PAX East we toted a video camera, snagging footage of demonstrations for two upcoming titles.


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Atomic Games became notorious for Six Days in Fallujah, its controversial project based on the experiences of the United States Marines and insurgents as they battled for control of the Iraqi city's streets. While that game remains in a state of production limbo, the developer was able to use it to help lay the groundwork for Breach, an Xbox Live Marketplace exclusive slated for release this year.

Breach's highlights include destructible environments, a realistic portrayal of suppressing fire, and an attention to detail that seems to span the game's entire arsenal (fire select should be a requirement of every tactical shooter). I had the opportunity to watch as Atomic gave some attendees of PAX East a walkthrough.

Monday Night Combat

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Smash TV meets Team Fortress 2 — that's probably the best way to sum up Monday Night Combat, the upcoming Xbox Live Marketplace shooter from Uber Entertainment. Cell-shaded graphics and a great sense of humor set this third-person arena action title apart.

Bob Berry, CEO of Uber Entertainment, walked our very own Jeremy Steeves through a few of the game's classes. Run-and-gun or lumbering juggernaut, there's bound to be a play style you can love in this unique online offering.

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