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1 vs. 100 on Game and Player

1 vs. 100

Ed Kirchgessner  //  July 9, 2009

Less Bob Saget, more awesome.


ame shows have never really had what it takes to hold my attention — the guests are moronic, the hosts are obnoxious and, most importantly, I wasn't invited. While screaming answers at my television during the evening's Jeopardy episode can feel rewarding from time to time, it doesn't hold a candle to 1 vs. 100 on Xbox Live. Anyone still trying to justify the cost of an Xbox Live gold membership: look no further. This is interactive entertainment of the sort that could revolutionize not just video gaming, but television as a whole.

Never trust the mob!
It isn't that 1 vs 100 brings the game show into the living room — Buzz and its clones had already done that. What's impressive is the sheer scale on which 1 vs 100 operates. Thousands upon thousands of Xbox Live subscribers are able to participate, be it as a member of the crowd, the "mob" or as the titular "one." Couple this with the fact that players across the US and Canada will be able to compete for real prizes in a few short days (unless, of course, one resides in Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, Vermont or Quebec), and you've got the makings of a great success.

Perhaps therein lies 1 vs. 100's biggest problem — with the Xbox as its only vehicle into the living room (for the moment, anyway), far too few are likely to experience what would otherwise be the runaway hit of home entertainment. After all, why would anyone simply sit back and watch Jeopardy when they could live it from the comfort of their own couch? No one's going to become filthy rich by playing 1 vs 100 — as nice as Microsoft points and free arcade games are, they're certainly not lifestyle changing. Still, the feeling of camaraderie that one gets by participating in an episode with close friends is absolutely priceless. No, Tommy, Ben Franklin most certainly DID NOT invent lightning. And I am DEFINITELY having a blast!

Had any great experiences so far playing 1 vs. 100? Have you been chosen as a member of the mob or as the one? Hop onto the Game and Player Forums and share your stories! And be sure to hop back onto the beta — this Friday marks the beginning of prize-giving here in North America. While having fun with friends should be reward enough, a few extra Microsoft points never hurt anyone!

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