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G&P @ E3 on Game and Player

G&P @ E3

The Editors  //  June 4, 2009

Straight from 2009's video gaming trade show of the year.


he stars, the planets and the Big Three have aligned — the Electronic Entertainment Expo returns this year to the Los Angeles Convention Center as a public event, and Game and Player is in attendance. Armed with digital cameras, spacious backpacks, camcorders, appointment schedules, and an itinerary charting the shortest route between must-see booths, Jessica Johnson and Chris Reay will spend the next three days as this magazine's eyes and ears.

Watch this page for news, sights and whatever else we can squeeze into a column.

Direct from the Floor

Upon reflection, Jessica decided that E3 was — awesome.

What's coming soon from publisher SouthPeak Interactive? Jessica knows.

If it comes from a game, is it art? An interview with AIAS President Joseph Olin.

How is it so far? Jessica offers first impressions in her Day One recap.

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