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Reticle on Game and Player


Michael Ubaldi  //  January 5, 2009

The lighter side of COD: World at War's criticism.


o the tune of "Yesterday," by the Beatles:

Aim-assisting parenthetical
It's making me feel so heretical
Oh, I don't need this reticle

Used to be, I so loved to play Call of Duty
Shots don't go where they're supposed to, see
And I get killed: it frustrates me

Treyarch has to go!
I hit home, yet bullets stray
I'll get someone marked
Then miss from mere feet away

Is my inaccuracy medical?
Do I need a pair of spectacles?
No, I think it's this reticle

Why is lag your culprit?
Each time I lose a game
Even if I host
I'll end up in dead last place

Multiplayer leaves me unfulfilled
Games like this are just unethical
No, I don't need your reticle

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