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My Mount on Game and Player

My Mount

Michael Ubaldi  //  December 1, 2008

A parody.


o the tune of "My Girl," by the Temptations:

Level 30
Reached it just today
It ain't gold I need
I've got enough to pay

Well, I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?
My mount (My mount, my mount!)
Talkin' 'bout my mount (My mount!)

I spent so much money
On Amberstill pedigree
I stand taller now
Than night elves in Auberdine

Well, keep your tramways
Gryphons, zeppelins, boats and drakes
My mount (My mount, my mount!)
I'd rather ride my mount (My mount!)

(Instrumental bridge accompanying giant
ruminant creature as it gallops through sylvan glades)

I don't need no XP
Raids or endgame
I've got all the treasure, baby,
One dwarf can claim

Mobs! Can't stop to play
I'll ride right past and slip away
My mount (My mount, my mount!)
Talkin' 'bout my mount (My mount!)

Ooh, woo —
It's all I can talk about, is my mount

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