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The First Year on Game and Player

The First Year

The Editors  //  October 14, 2008

We've just begun.


he exact record escapes us, but traces of what we do have show a remark made on the fly, in August of 2007, about a website for commentary on video games. Jeremy started the conversation with Mike. Both realized they could have sooner mentioned what had been on their minds for so long.

They turned to Ed, who was already writing on the subject. The conversation turned to development: format, structure, frequency; a name, a place, a purpose. A series of purchases followed, then a series of lessons in things technical and electronic, and on a mid-October morning Game and Player was activated.

Three hundred sixty-odd days later, we are still going. And not only extant; but larger, sharper, and for both the richer and the wiser. This little magazine has reviewed several dozen titles. It's explored the industry's socio-economic interstices, line work following the same contemplative character, and the plain trappings of everyday gaming.

Game and Player has attracted the attention of sites here and there, drawing several thousand on occasion. Readership is small; readership is dedicated.

This little magazine possesses something inimitable and, we believe, valuable.

We will not be celebrating this magazine every year. That would be confusing pluck and blessings with pomp and parsimony. Thanks are in order.

What we would call our own is in fact the product of labor by a number of people who appear to like a) us, or at least b) what they do for the mere sake of it. To all of you: what much you have invested has paid dividends many times over, and we are grateful.

We chose well to work with each other. Excelsior.

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