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Public Service Announcement on Game and Player

Public Service Announcement

The Editors  //  October 9, 2008

Do not adjust your web browser.


re those of you who maintain websites satisfied with your hosting company? Game and Player wasn't. Over the last few months, the reliability of this site decreased, diminishing our ability to not only support our readership and continue to expand it — but even produce content. Experience and observation led us to deduce that Game and Player's operation was not responsible for outages; and that our web host was not responsible, period.

Earlier this week, we contracted with a second hosting company and prepared for a transfer. That move was hastened by yesterday afternoon's downtime, which persisted for nearly five hours. By eleven o'clock last night, all files had been uploaded to the new server.

Although the forums are still offline, we're nearly finished with restoring the magazine, and will resume normal publication on Monday. We thank you for your patience.

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