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Merry Christmas from G&P on Game and Player

Merry Christmas from G&P

The Editors  //  December 25, 2007

Raise your glass for a holiday toast.

nd all of a sudden, the 25th of December is here. An editorial toast is in order.

We've come a long way in two months. We've met many of our goals, and in turn have set new ones based on our accomplishments. As we soon bid farewell to 2007, and welcome in 2008, we'd like to recognize those who helped make Game and Player what it has become in a very short time.

To our moderating team (Phil, Shannon and Mike) and contributors (Zach, Curtis and Mike): you've done a wonderful job, and though appreciation is all we can offer — we offer a ton. We would be hard-pressed to find more friendly and intelligent partners starting with us on the ground floor.

To our community: you have made us laugh, you have helped us learn, you have driven the Warthog at breakneck speeds from the enemy base while we ride shotgun, flag in hand. A friendly, colorful community has been a blessing for us — you first arrived because you were curious, you have stayed for good reasons. Our gift to each of you — those active forumers with ten or more posts — is the recognition of a post that was funny, insightful or otherwise unforgettable. As much as you enjoy reading us, we enjoy reading you.

A Ninja boot, gourmand:
I love Habanero peppers. I like to cut them into thin slices and sprinkle some salt with some lemon juice on them. Yummy, yummy, yummy, burn a hole in my tummy.

Cacophony_cat, on culture clash:
I didn't do anything for Halloween, it's not a big thing here and kids don't understand it. The cheeky little gits expect money.

Dayfish, on Christmas:
I asked for a puppy too, and Phil said my parents would kill him if he got me a puppy.

DreadNemesis, on one reason for the season:
I'm kinda of what you would call "hard to buy for." It's currently at the point where family has to threaten me to get a Christmas list out of me.

dropK1CK_ninJA, giving his two cents on Mass Effect:
Love the game. Love it. Love it. Love it. If I could make awesome game babies with it, I would. Right now.

Enigma, on Oblivion:
Although it's been a while since I played it, I believe I preferred the Assassin's Guild and loved screwing around with the guards throughout the world.

ERRRskate151's prediction for Xbox Live's "Friends of Friends":

Expo, offering a little Southern hospitality:
I know the feeling, roomie. So when are y'all coming back to VA?

Ghengis_John, on stories heard on the West Coast:
I've lived in So Cal all my life, I've never seen it snow. Seriously. What be this strange phenomenon ye speak of? Ice from the sky, you say? Sounds like witches' work!

Jai, health expert:
Breakfast: One Honeycrisp apple, sliced. A handful of honey-roasted peanuts. One bottle of Jones Monster Mojito soda.

Jes-ka, on the mystery of vanishing holiday vacations:
I guess I should let you know...gosh, this is so embarrassing...uh yeah, that surplus of nights you spoke of? Well, see, I kind of got drunk the other day and accidentally unlocked what I had thought, in my drunken stupor, was a cage full of hungry monkeys. I sort of set them free and so now all your nights have escaped never to return. Yeeeeahh...sorry.

Jumpman, on the downside of endemically mild winter weather:
I wish it snowed more in Arkansas but everything always seems to just break apart and go around us.

Kimi, giving free advice to sheltered television directors:
I also just noticed that the supposed 30-year-old gamer is holding the controller like Amanda McKay in one of the Gametrailers ads, that clearly has the look of "Tee hee I'm holding a controller!"

Masakuni, remembering how not to play Chromehounds:
So who is going to fill the role of "accidentally" picking off a team member with a barrage of howitzers?

Neidren, keeping it simple:
Shockingly enough, my gamertag is Neidren. Cryptic, aren't I?

QuestionMarkMan, identifying an internet meme:
As far as I know, the walruses and buckets started with this stupid picture. I am no expert on internet sensations though so I might be mistaken.

raincrow007, defending pumpkin lobotomies:
And miss out on toasting their guts? No way! *continues munching roasted pumpkin seeds*

RocksYerSocks, celebrating after a victory:
I am sitting on my butt watching stupid stuff on TV...I did however get a job today!! Woooooo WHOOOO!

Saain, right back at TeamSharkie:
Haha, snappy, well then Mr. California guy who's never on Halo, we shall settle this... with A DUEL...whenever you got onto Halo, of course.

Seductivpancakes, overplaying his hand:
I love the rings too, does that mean I can have one too?

Shockman, on silver linings:
U.S. Army sent me to Alaska for 2.5 years. Only upside, I met my wife there. I have seen WAY TOO MUCH SNOW!!...

TeamSharkie, lapsed reader:
I used to love reading. Then something called college happened, and it threw me off reading forever.

the_Brayn, qualifying the gift of Star Wars posters:
My step-mom found these back in July and got them for the room (of course this still doesn't make up for her getting rid of my life-sized Emperor Palpatine cutout).

theempyrealwordsmith, mixing compliments with salutations:
Expo! Glad to see another familiar face around here. Makes sense though — we are the cool people after all.

TheMFShadow, contemplating too many games:
I love it and hate it at the same time. I love the fact that I have a wide variety of games to choose from. I hate it that there is so much out there, that my bank is going to break and my head is going to explode!

wearygamer, looking at a Halo 3 screenshot and having a Topper moment:
I didn't know I was in that game, Ninjaboot. Haha, I saw my dead body!

2007 was spent getting our feet wet. We've got big plans for 2008 and they've already begun. From the editors: a very, Merry Christmas.

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